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note, donations are no longer being taken for SharePoint SUSHI, but feel free to donate to your favorite charity!

If you have benefited from SUSHI, please feel free to donate to SharePoint SUSHI . SharePoint SUSHI is a free, open source community project. However, I do have a full time job (I work for Catapult Systems which is a great company). The small donations are used to cover the costs of a couple developers and designers who spend a few hours a week testing the code, and making the professional looking graphics, and maintaining the website and documentation.

The goal is to keep SUSHI free, but also to add add features requested by the community, and most importantly keep SUSHI rock solid stable. The worst thing that could happen would be for some bug in SUSHI to cause an issue on someone's production environment. I have maintained several high profile SharePoint environments myself so believe me when I say that I feel your pain when 3rd party components cause issues. Small donations are encouraged.

Thanks for supporting SharePoint SUSHI,

- Joseph Fluckiger

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