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SUSHI Feature - Email Test

This is a simple feature, press the "send test email" link label to send an email to the address specified. It makes testing outbound email settings much easier because you don't have to go create an alert in SharePoint to generate an email, you just push a button in SUSHI. Also, you get immediate error information when something goes wrong with sending an email, which you otherwise have to dig through the SharePoint logs or SMTP logs to find.

To send a test email:
1) Enter an email address, note that this address will be used for both the to and from address.
2) Enter the SMTP server address. This can either the the server name, or the IP address of the server.


Use the Email Test SUSHI tab to test if outbound email is set up correctly. In SharePoint Central Administration you can specify an "Outbound SMTP server" which is used to generate emails for alerts, and notifications. In order for outbound email to successfully send, the SMTP server needs to allow anonymous relaying from the IP addresses of the web front end servers in your SharePoint Farm.

If email is set up correctly, SUSHI will display "Successfully sent test email to SMTP server." which means that the SMTP server recieved the email request and did not throw an error and you should shortly recieve an email. If email is set up incorrectly, you will see an error message and SUSHI will display in red the error message thrown. Unfortunately, SUSHI can't always tell you exactly why the SMTP server failed to send because it isn't possible to detect how your SMTP server is set up, but at least you know immediately that it failed, and you will know that it is a SMTP routing issue and not a SharePoint timer issue, or some other SharePoint problem.

When you press the "Send Test Email" button, SUSHI simply instantiates a MailMessage object and uses the System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient class to attempt to send an email. The subject of the email will be "Test Email from SharePoint SUSHI".

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