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This feature allows you to bulk create SharePoint Lists.

If you want to create many document libraries, or other lists, this feature of SUSHI will be quite helpful to you.


Steps to Bulk Create SharePoint lists

1. Enter the SharePoint site URL and Click on “Retrieve List Templates” button. It will display available List Templates. Note that only custom templates are shown. If you have not saved a SharePoint List as a template, this dropdown will be empty.

2. Click on “Edit lists to create” button. It will open following popup window.
Type the relative URL in "List URL Name" to where you want to create new list. And give the Title of List in "List Title" field. Tip: Copy from Excel into SUSHI the urls and titles of your Lists. This makes it easy to store for future use and also makes it easy to replicate accross various SharePoint site collections or farms.
Finally click on “Save” button.

3. Click "Validate" to have SUSHI confirm which lists will be created.

4. Click on “Bulk List Create” button. It will display following message on screen as your lists are created.

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