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Technical Specs

SUSHI is a windows desktop client written in C# .NET 2.0, and .NET 3.5 from SUSHI Version 4.0 and up. SUSHI was written and is maintained by Joseph Fluckiger who works for Catapult Systems as Senior Consultant specializing in SharePoint. You can read Joseph Fluckiger's blog here.

System Requirements

SUSHI uses the SharePoint API and therefore must run on a server with SharePoint installed. Any server which can run MOSS 2007 or SharePoint Server 2010 can run SUSHI, and a SharePoint instance on the same machine as SUSHI is the only prerequisite.

We Value Your Feedback

Please feel free to post your comments, and feedback or let us know if you would like to contribute to the SUSHI project.

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History of SharePoint SUSHI

I had been writing utilities for SharePoint for some time and though that they might be useful for the SharePoint community. SharePoint SUSHI was originally called the SharePoint Document Utility (see image below). Work on SUSHI began in April of 2007, and was first posted on Codeplex in January of 2008. Below is the original splash graphic. Uuuugly. That is why I hire out the graphics work now. :)

My Inspiration: Wikipedia was one of my inspirations for the SharePoint SUSHI project. A goal from the beginning was to make the tool helpful (thus the name SharePoint Utility with a Smart Helpful Interface). And I knew that a Wiki was the key to easily providing helpful documentation and examples. The sad part of the story is that I tried to post the documentation for SharePoint SUSHI on Wikipedia but got kicked off. I was told that I was of "no historical or cultural importance". ouch! Then came Codeplex. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for to host the source code and the documentation for SUSHI.

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