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SUSHI Feature - Import Documents (Upload File Scructure)

This feature allows you to import entire directory trees into a Sharepoint Document Library. It will loop through all documents from the source folder and all subfolders of the source folder and recreate that file structure within the target sharepoint document library. It also removes any illegal characters, forexample % and # which are valid windows file names, but not valid sharepoint document filenames.

Important: you need to be logged in under an account that has access to the database server. If you are logged into the sharepoint server with an account that is not an administrator on the SqlServer you will get an access denied. Also note that your account must have the same password on both servers, or use an active directory account.

Create Root Folder CheckBox

Detail: Blocked FileTypes

SharePoint does not allow files with certain filetypes to be uploaded. You can change this list here:
This is set from Central Administration-> Operations-> Blocked File Types.
Adding extentions to the textbox in SUSHI will let SUSHI know which extentions not to upload. The SUSHI will also create a log of which files are skipped because of filetype.

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burkeholland Dec 1, 2008 at 3:41 PM 
This is difinatively the best free tool available for SharePoint. I don't know where we would be in our migration without it. I cannot thank you enough.

a2msl Nov 6, 2008 at 1:32 PM 
I have just tried using the excellent tool that will save me hours of work, however I have a little problem if anyone can help please?

Having copied my file structure across, when I view the site externally, rather than from the server, I can see the top level folders, I can see second level folders but nothing from there, however if I go into view in explorer mode I can find everthing there, what have I done wrong please? HELP as I have an ISO9001 audit at the end of the month :-(