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SUSHI Theme – Apply Theme

This feature allows you to apply theme to SharePoint sites and its sub sites. Here are the Steps that describe how to apply theme to a single site and its children sites.


Steps to Apply Themes to SharePoint Site:

  1. Select SharePoint Site on which you want to apply Themes by clicking on “select a site” button. You can also enter the site manually.
  2. Get all available themes by clicking on “Get Themes” button. themes_2.gif
  3. Select a theme.
  4. Now here you have two options to apply theme on your sites. If you want to apply theme for parent site only then select “Apply theme to selected site” only. If you want to apply theme for sub sites only then select “Apply theme to all children of selected site”.
  5. Click on “Validate” button. It will display following message on screen.

  1. Validation of Theme does not apply theme to a site or sub sites. It will check if selected theme can be applied to the site/sub sites or not.
  2. Click on “Apply Theme” button to apply the theme.


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