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Need to allow parameters on backup

Aug 12, 2008 at 8:32 PM
I love this product but when backing up (export) I noticed that -includeusersecurity is not present but it is on the import. It would be great to have all parameters available as check boxes (includeusersecurity, versions, nofilecompression, etc)
Oct 11, 2008 at 11:49 AM
This item has been added to the task list, thanks for the feedback.

May 8, 2009 at 12:28 PM
Edited May 8, 2009 at 12:28 PM

Hi, having this tool is a present from heaven :-)

But it would be nice to be able to have the option to (de)select all parameters like geneward recommended already as I do need the nofilecompression urgently...

Please keep the good work doing on SUSHI!

Many Thanks!


Nov 9, 2009 at 6:35 PM

Having the no-compression option would be wonderful considering a lot of servers have minimal drive space on drive C, which gets heavily used when compressing backups.  However, the way this program is designed, this program will help you automate restores only if the backup files are compressed files with the .SUSHIbackup extension.   It cannot help you restore backup folders that have not been compressed.

However, because of the naming scheme this program creates with the backup files, using uncompressed folders is a very simple code change.  Since STSADM Import command also accepts folders, the program can just do a search in the directory for all folders that end with .SUSHIbackup.  

if (count == 0)
          foreach (DirectoryInfo dir in di.GetDirectories("*.SUSHIbackup"))


Unfortunately, I'm unable to edit the solution code so I can't really update this program.  I have already made this modification on the source I've downloaded and am testing it right now.