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Suggestions for improvement, or things I hate about Sushi

Mar 17, 2011 at 2:29 PM

Dear Mr Sushi,

1) Please, in the "Import Document",  absolutely NO hardcoded blocked filetypes at all.     Nobody knows why you did this.   Apart from the well known .exe, it also seems to reject .hlp and .bat and probably others.    It would be good if you could take this out.   We all know about per web app blocked filetypes in Central Admin

2) Please put a carriage return in the log at the end of every error line which begins, "Error while uploading file...".   Better still, subtract from each error line the string which contains the directory in the line above which begins, "created folder: "

3) In "Import Document", a browse button on the "Source Folder" would be very useful.

4) Sushi really needs some kind of editable table for the translation during an import operation for the renames.   My last import operation resulted in 100+ errors which resulted from files that had names so horrible that Sushi didn't know what to do with them.   The application eventually crashed out without finishing the job.     This is because I'm in an international organization which has files with names from different countries including in cyrillic and slovenian even although the docs are in English inside.    This could all be avoided by just having an editable list of characters and strings with their corresponding translations.    That way you could say any filename character from this row of hieroglyphics should be swapped for an "e" or a "u" or whatever.   It's all currently a bit haphazard.

The Import Document IS the best feature of Sushi and something sadly lacking in Sharepoint in general.

So, if you need money to continue on your present course, I reckon you could make a success of flogging this feature as a modified Sharepoint Document Library template which does it's own imports.